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At last we have a simple injectable solution! A revolutionary fat dissolving treatment for the pillow of fat under the chin which produces long lasting results.


How Does It Work?

The product used is the same as the liver produces to dissolve the fat in your diet. Fortunately it is produced in a laboratory so there is no risk of transmitted diseases from the use human products. It acts by disrupting the fat cells and dissolving the fat. The body then mounts an inflammatory response and the disrupted cells and fat are removed and collagen is stimulated to grow which improves the tissue tone in the area.

Is it painful?

There can be some discomfort, however this settles quite quickly. At Natural Looks we apply a local anaesthetic gel and then inject a ring block around the area to be treated. This ensures our clients are comfortable and the procedure virtually painless.

Is there down time?

This is a medical procedure and needs to be scheduled to allow 7 days of recovery as there can be considerable swelling and possible bruising following the procedure and mild tenderness. Swelling indicates a good result as a result of destruction of the fat cells.

Are there risks?

It is very important that a doctor or nurse trained in the specific technique inject the product as incorrect injection technique can damage the skin and/or nerves. Correct anatomical placement by a trained injector with good anatomical knowledge, should prevent this from happening. It is a very rare complication. We offer free consultations to determine suitability and to discuss the procedure in detail. We recommend reading this article for further information.