EMSCULPT NEO uses synchronized RF (radiofrequency) and HIFEM+ (hi intensity focused electromagnetic) energies to destroy fat, increase muscle strength and bulk and tighten the skin. 

The energies are transmitted through an applicator that is applied to the treatment area. 

Initially only radiofrequency is applied which creates heat and quickly raises the muscle temperature by several degrees. This prepares the muscles for exposure to stress, similar to a warmup before any workout.  

Following the warmup, synchronized RF and HIFEM+ targets the muscle and fat. The contractions caused by the HIFEM+ are powerful, but not painful and are intermittent. During the resting phase a clicking sound is heard and this is associated with the removal of lactic acid from the muscle. As a result of this process there is little or no soreness and stiffness the next day. 

HIFEM+ energy contracts the muscle fibres in the area at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workout or electrical stimulation. Its effectiveness comes from bypassing the brain’s limitations by contracting the muscle fibres directly, bypassing the nerve connection required with exercise or electrical stimulation. Extreme stress forces the muscles to adapt resulting in an increase in the number and size of muscle fibres and cells. On average the muscle volume increases by 25% (Shown in 7 clinical trials) following four treatments. 

One 30 minute treatment is the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups. 

Apoptosis (destruction of the fat cells) begins within 4 minutes of the commencement of treatment due to the increase in the temperature of the subcutaneous fat. This results in an inflammatory process in the fat layer, the break down, removal of the fat and remnants of the cells and tissue repair. This process can take up to 3 months and so the final outcome of your treatment may not be apparent until that process is completed. 

Clinical trials have demonstrated an average reduction in fat of 30%. 

Results peak at around 3 – 6 months post treatment cycle due to the increased muscle strength and the completion of the clearance of damaged and destroyed fat cells.