We expect that a lot of the deeper changes will be long lasting, however, to maximize your outcome and maintain the improvement achieved we recommend a maintenance program designed specifically for your skin type.   

  • 1st 6 months post Morpheus treatment – 1-3 treatments of PRP are recommended following completion of the Morpheus8 treatment as it rehydrates the deeper layers of SMAS – superficial muscular fascia system and skin giving the best outcome. 
  • Long term skin maintenance with a selection of the following treatments is highly recommended. 
  • Skinpen micro needling (3 per year is recommended)  
  • IPL treatments for pigment, redness and skin rejuvenation 
  • RF fractional – series of 3  
  • RF skin tightening – series of 3 – 6 
  • PRP 1-2/year 
  • Regular peels/ medifacials 
  • LED treatment 6/year recommended 
  • Skin Cosmeceuticals – Skin care – good quality medical grade 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Dermafrac and skin boosters 

Ask our experienced therapist to recommend a monthly maintenance skin regime specific for your skin type. This can be paid as a regular monthly payment with a discounted price if you prefer, so that you can book in your years appointments and know that you will maintain your beautiful skin, whilst saving some money!