AquaGold is a micro needling treatment which uses tiny 24 carat gold needles to deliver custom cocktail solutions into the skin. Each solution is personalised for you and can contain a selection of muscle relaxers, dermal fillers and mesoestetic solutions to address your specific skin needs.


When will I start to see results?

The results can be apparent after a few days and peak at around 7 days. For best outcomes it is best to have a treatment every month as the results are cumulative. It is also an excellent special event treatment as it results in glowing skin with reduced pore size and fine lines. No facial or serum comes close to the results you can expect with AquaGold!

AquaGold targets:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • boosts hydration and luminosity to give your skin a glow
  • refines pores
  • facial sweating
  • acne scarring
  • acne
  • pigmentation


AquaGold Fine Touch Medical Cocktail – contains muscle relaxers, dermal fillers and mesotherapy solutions specific for your skin condition plus LED $895

AquaGold Glow – containing muscle relaxer and mesotherapy solution plus LED $750

AquaGold Hydrating – containing dermal filler and mesotherapy solutions plus LED – $750